♦ ISO 9001 Registered

AMEIL’s Loss Control Management Program is audited by CWB and registered to ISO 9001; projects meet or exceed expectations.

♦ COR/PRIME certified

AMEIL’s OHS Program is audited by NLCSA and registered in compliance with Workplace NL’s COR and PRIME programs.

♦ CoA NQP 0306

AMEIL’s Quality Control Manual for Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Systems is audited by NL Government’s Service NL.


AMEIL maintains qualifications in ASME codes B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, and ASME Sections II, VIII, and IX.


AMEIL maintains qualifications in CSA standards W47.1 and W59.


AMEIL’s welding and fabrication equipment, procedures, and welder qualifications are audited and certified to CSA standards.

♦ Insurance

CROSBIE-JOB handles all AMEIL’s business insurance and project completion and performance bonds

♦ Financials

JONAS Project Management handles all AMEIL’s business and project financial controls, including PO, Peceiveables, Purchasing, KPI and Payroll.

♦ Documents and Records

AMEIL uses Microsoft Office to generate all business and project documentation; native formats are conveted to .pdf for storage and dissemination.

♦ Labour Relations

AMEIL has labour contracts with all building trades through the CLRA, including boilermakers, insulators, electricians and carpenters.

♦ Labour Relations

AMEIL has a separate national shop agreement with the UA which allows for 100% name call for tradesmen.

♦ Labour Relations

AMEIL has a separate agreement with USW for work at NTL-IMTT.

♦ IT Systems

AMEIL uses a variety of virtual Windows 2016 servers to meet its IT needs; all servers are backed up to HDD’s on site, off site and in the Cloud.

♦ Document Control

AMEIL uses its own Digital Document Management System based on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform for all its retained and maintained documented information.

♦ Industry Relations

AMEIL is a proud member of the Newfoundland Offshore Industry Association and follows its daily bulletins and procurement opportunities.