System Management

Jonas Project Management System
Primavera P6
Jonas offers a fully integrated solutions to fit contract needs with 19 Accounting and 23 Construction modules all fully integrated. This adds efficiency and accuracy and decreases redundant effort between financial, costing, billing, payroll, purchasing, and inventory applications. P6 is designed to organize projects with up to 100,000 activities, P6 provides unlimited resources and target plans. Massive data requires highly flexible organization tools and P6 gives you a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources.
TWI – Welding Coordinator
Dimensional control
The software increases efficiency and reduces overheads by minimizing costs with instant progress reports that identify bottlenecks in fabrication and speeds up reporting with automatically generated project data books, weld data sheets, WPSs, PQRs, WPQs and NDE/NDT reports. The Leica Geosystems Industrial Theodolites and Total Stations of the TPS5000 is based on proven technology, unrivaled precision and optics. The Total Station has spread into every industry as a truly large-scale PCMM solution for tooling, inspection and assembly.